Sometimes The Best Things In Life Really Are Free: Ten Of Them Right Here


Photo by Barry Schwartz


I love it when the fact something is free reverses the main rule about what “free” is worth: that you get what you pay for.

These resources arrive as email newsletters.  Every one provides valuable and compelling notes regarding things I need to know – and things I never knew I needed to know.

Communications Arts
A fantastic source about the media world, including in-depth profiles of photographers and creatives of every kind. No less important is coverage about my client-base: how do they think and what do they want?

Plagiarism Today
Plagiarism is a copyright issue, and the newsletter often features a story about copyright abuses and triumphs. Every issue contains a segment called “3 Count” about three items in the news right now.

Part of the Medium family of online magazines and self-publishing (, Vantage is filled with photography stories of all kinds.

It’s Nice That
Photography, graphic design, illustration, motion, and work that combines it all together. From a European perspective, covering the U.S. as well.

Highly respected reporting on the news business that has earned the respect it receives. While not directly about photojournalism, photojournalistic standards are journalistic standards, and they apply. The site takes both the long and short view of the media industry.  Real-world stuff.

Elizabeth Avedon
A wonderful book designer, interviewer, appreciator, and connoisseur of all things photography. I always find out something new about a trend or photographer or a book or event I would not have heard about otherwise.

De-Mass’d, by Leora Kornfeld
Big-picture stuff about media, creators, and business – as up-to-date as can be.

Arts Journal
I am a better artist when I pay attention to other art-forms. This newsletter covers every kind of art you can imagine and a few you may not have, nicely broken out by category, all hyperlinked.

Cogent, personal, rigorous, and perceptive takes on photojournalism and journalism. Associated with Salon.

Jane Friedman
While pitched at writers, Friedman presents great, solid information – particularly about marketing – that addresses common concerns – and anxieties – of creators of every kind.