Jay Allison’s Five Heretical Sermons

Photo By Barry Schwartz

Jay Allison is an award-winning radio producer, reporter, and writer who, in addition to his own work, has mentored and sponsored countless creatives over decades. He gave the opening keynote at the Third Coast International Audio Festival last year, where some of the best and soon-to-be-best audio producers gather to sustain inventiveness and excellence in themselves and their peers.

His talk was directed at audio professionals, but if you substitute “creator” for “producer”, his detailing how to maintain a career by obeying and breaching rules fully applies to anyone whose job is to create something out of nothing.

Allison called his talk Preaching To Myself: Five Heretical Sermons In Five Minutes. He begins by saying “They’re heretical in that they’re the opposite of a lot of advice, but they’re some of the things I tell myself when I stray from what feels most abidingly important.”

The Sermons are:

1 – Don’t Ask Permission
2 – Be Odd
3 – Stay Home
4 – Don’t Try To Be Cool
5 – Stop Competing

Allison’s talk is on Transom as a stream and a transcript. Transom a great resource for all things audio (and therefore video): equipment reviews and tutorials, interviewing techniques (including interviews with such folks as Ira Glass), how to structure a story, many fine workshops, and much more. And it’s free. More than that, Transom is about how to be a storyteller; and in the end, that’s any creative person’s job.

Check it out:

Preaching To Myself: Five Heretical Sermons In Five Minutes