I am conducting an all-day, in-person workshop, sponsored by the ASMP L.A. chapter and LACP (Los Angeles Center of Photography) in Los Angeles.

Workshop is based on my 16-week college class, Professional Business Practices For Photographers.

Pricing and negotiating, copyright, industry cultures, contracts, insurance, releases, and art school.

Marketing: Social media, newsletters, blogs, mailers, websites, and SEO.

How to research clients and how to make it easier for clients to find you.

AI is on every creator’s mind these days, and while it’s not a settled topic, it must be addressed.

Soft skills are critical: understanding how clients think, what they expect from different specialties, and communicating what you have to offer.

Digital workflow is central to professional careers, so we cover color and data management, printing, metadata, all to speed your work, keep it safe and keep you sane.

Everyone gets 28 pages of resources, including links to free and paid software, books, and websites. Also, template contracts, releases, spreadsheets for taxes, and more.

There will be a light breakfast before the workshop, and lunch will be provided. Coffee ALL DAY!

Register here: