Primer: Copyright For Photographers

Photo By Barry Schwartz

The Copyright Alliance recently put together a pretty comprehensive and easy-to-understand series of articles on copyright for photographers. Loads of reliable information based on experience and the law, not opinion (including when the law is based on opinions!). It’s less confusing than I’ve made it sound.

It’s easy – and free! – to join up and get the newsletter and access to lots of information, including practical, contractual issues, dealing with clients and courts, legislative issues, and insights about all things copyright for photographers and other creative-types, including clear information on what is to a creator’s advantage and what is not. And, of course, great tutorials on the brand-new CCB – Copyright Claims Board.

Marketing Webinar December 12

Next Saturday, December 12, 10 AM – 11:30 AM
LACP – Los Angeles Center Of Photography

  • Basic marketing principles: what applies to photographers – and what does not
  • Online and social media marketing
  • Marketing using paper
  • Being a brand means being yourself
  • Websites: what buyers want to see
  • How clients look for photographers
  • SEO is easier than you might think
  • How to: identify clients, find their contacts, and approach them after you do
  • Crucial importance of people skills
  • Everything is marketing: email formats, proposals, even clothes
  • Participants who request them will receive a folder of sample contracts and other documents