Getting A Client Meeting Is Like Internet Dating


Photo by Barry Schwartz

Some years back, being single and connected to the interwebs, I developed an expertise in internet dating. I’m no longer single – as a result of internet dating – and I’ve counseled many of my (anxious) friends in how the thing works. It’s pretty straightforward.

You put together an online profile to represent yourself at your very best.

You do your due diligence (research) while simultaneously looking for potential dates.

You contact potential dates and wait for a response. And wait.

You give up waiting and look for someone else.

When someone finally responds, there is an orderly process in which each successful step means moving to the next, from email to a phone call to a non-virtual meeting.

You clean up, show up, present your best game, and pray you will experience them presenting their best game.

Getting meetings with clients is no different. Substitute “clients” for dates, substitute “website” for profile.

Just like dating, failure is the typical result. No reason to give up hope; failure is mostly what occurs, so maintaining low expectations means you’re not demoralized when things don’t work out – making it so much easier to try again.

The good news about internet dating is that it works, and once you actually meet, the chance of having a relationship is improved. Business meetings are no different, except that afterwards you’re likely to go home alone.

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