Getting In The Door Not The Elevator


Photo by Barry Schwartz

Every entrepreneur or salesperson wants to develop contacts with potential clients; to get in the door. Certain metaphors do not apply.  The thing about getting in the door is it’s best to ignore the door. We hear all the time about having an elevator speech: forget about delivering an elevator speech in an elevator.

One of the better strategies for getting in contact with a client is simple: be in the same place they are: conferences, networking events, trade shows, parties. Online, that would be blogs, comments on blogs, chat rooms, social media of all kinds. It’s a long list.

While it actually is important to have an elevator speech all ready-to-go, honestly, you’re not that likely to make a business connection in an elevator. (How often do you really see strangers even talking in elevators in the first place? It’s a litte weird.)

The fact is potential clients are always looking for new talent – and that includes potential clients who don’t even know they are looking for talent in the first place.

The door to the client, as it turns out, is not the door to their office. The door is making the opportunity to meet people and develop a connection, and that’s a door you bring with you wherever you are.

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