Art of Babylon 5

I don’t shoot events all that often, but every now and then something really interesting comes along.

I volunteered to document a panel moderated by my friend John Iacovelli about the production design of Babylon 5, a fabulous show that ran from 1993-1998; 110 episodes and six TV movies.

This panel was a repeat of one that had taken place a few days before at Comic-Con and was presented under the aegis of the Art Directors Guild and American Cinematheque at the Egyptian Theatre in Los Angeles on August 2, 2014, which included two episodes.

John was Babylon 5’s production designer, and among the panelists were most of his design colleagues and Joe Straczynski, the creator and executive producer of the show (on the left, with John in the first picture), and two of the actors, Claudia Christian and Mira Furlan. Also on the panel were art directors Mark-Louis Walters and Roland Rosenkranz, graphic artist Alan Kobayashi, costume designer Ann Bruice, propmaster Dark Hoffman, and concept artist/set designer Timothy Earls, and Luc Mayrand.

All photos by Barry Schwartz