How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Future


Photo by Barry Schwartz

I recently went to a conference, ASMP’s Strictly Business 3, where I learned that just about everyone is worrying about the same stuff I worry about.

I learned everybody has their own way of marketing but only those people who actively market (or have an independent income) are going to survive.

I learned it’s not just me who is rethinking how they price.

I learned it’s not that hard to keep up with changes in technology as long as I learn to differentiate which things I’ll have to do myself from the things a smart person simply hires out to people who know more that I do.

I was reminded that old dogs can – and should – learn new tricks from young dogs.  And the young dogs are downloading all the tricks they can from the old dogs.

I learned just about everyone has an opinion about is coming down the pike – but no one really knows anything, including what the pike is made of or what it will look like in five years.

I learned that the kinds of people who come to conferences like SB3 are happy to divulge their secrets because they believe there are, actually (and actuarially), no secrets.  It’s all been done before.

I did not have to learn I find that highly reassuring.

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